Content is
like music

You might experience a sudden rise to stardom, become an overnight sensation, just to get a regular day job after a year.

On the other hand, your journey could be gradual, growing
a loyal following over time.


Kasper is a gifted writer and logical thinker. He has written many great pieces for us and our clients at and I highly recommend working with him as a freelance writer.

Karl HughesCEO &

Kasper created a number of fantastic articles (10+) for us at ContainIQ! He was great to work with, and the content he created for us has performed really well in organic search. We’ve driven many thousands of inbound readers to our blog as a result of the content he created for us.

Nate MathersonCEO & Co-FounderPositional & ContainIQ

Kasper is a thoughtful technical writer that can bridge the gap between complex developer-topics and easy-to-read prose. His content is consistent, on-time and working with him has always been enjoyable.

Nate LeeVP of Sales & Co-FounderSpeedscale

Steady growth
with authority-led content

Manifest expertise

Lack of trust in your knowledge is a lack of trust in you.

Manifest proficiency

Effectively utilizing expertise to form opinions and interpretations.

Leverage trust

A feeling your audience has towards you—unable to be proven or disproven—determining the likelihood of them engaging with your offering.

Factual stories

Any content not rooted in facts will fail. This is true for any audience, but especially for developers. However, simply being factual is not enough to generate engagement—you need to tell a story.


Compared to other audiences, developers consume an immense amount of content; how will they react to reading 5, 10, 15+ posts repeatedly trying to convert them?


I prioritize content that highlights your solution and fosters genuine long-term conversions, rather than boosting my content’s conversion rate at the expense of yours overall.