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Kasper Siig

I help dev tool companies grow with a content-driven strategy.

As a former engineer myself, I understand the working habits and thought processes of developers.


SEO & Subject Matter Expert In One

An SEO expert can research your Kubernetes monitoring tool, and propose making content around containers. Then an engineer can verify that the containers are indeed related to Kubernetes. Having SEO experts and engineers collaborate can lead to great content with high traffic.

But will it convert?

Some of it will, but most of it won’t. I combine my engineering and SEO expertise so I can say “Yes this strategy makes sense, but not for you.”

Portrait of Kasper Siig

Create a path of knowledge,
not a piece of information

You can be researched.

Your customers can be interviewed.

But I’ve spent years in our industry.

My 3 Fundamentals of DevRel Content

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Understanding your business, not just your technology

Any good engineer can write about your technology, but few can make it relate to your business. Making the content match your ideal customer is essential, and will make the difference between traffic and conversions.

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Combining factual writing with story telling

Any content not rooted in facts will fail. This is true for any audience, but specially for developers. But simply being factual is not enough. It’s crucial that the content is engaging.


Understanding developer behavior

Being “professional Googler’s” is a common joke in the developer community—for good reason. Much of a developer’s day is spent on Google, which has a major impact on how a dev tool company’s content strategy differs from others.

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Content Consulting

Creating content for engineers is about being engaging, providing value, showing expertise, and aligning with your business model. Beyond providing those elements, you can talk to me like an engineer. No need to think about simplifying your explanation. I’ll either understand it, or know what questions to ask.

From me, you’ll get highly relevant content and an experienced sparring partner.

The 4 Parts of My Consulting Service

Content Strategy

During our collaboration, I’ll provide you with a content strategy covering three months worth of content.
This strategy will be based on discussions around your goals and ideal customer, combined with my experience and expertise.

Content Refinements

Each month you’re entitled to 4 free content refinements, which matches the cadence of a typical content strategy.
By opting for ‘The Full Package’—as detailed below—you’ll have me write the 4 posts determined by the content strategy. In that case, the 4 free refinements can either go towards old content, or new content written by in-house engineers.

Monthly Progress Report

Success comes partly from a good strategy, and partly from following up on it.
Each month you’ll get a progress report providing a general overview of how your blog is performing, and a deeper dive into specific analytics like ranking at the top for a given keyword.

Outline Creation

To keep the process as efficient as possible, you’ll first receive the content strategy, incorporating a high-level overview of the planned content.
Once the strategy is approved, you’ll get a document with an outline for each planned topic, setting clear expectations for your content.

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The Full Package

Making a strategy is necessary, but this will fail without a proper implementation process. With ‘The Full Package,’ you’ll know for certain that every step of the process is in the right hands.

Consultancy only: $2,500

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What My Clients Say

“Kasper is a gifted writer and logical thinker”

Kasper is a gifted writer and logical thinker. He has written many great pieces for us and our clients at Draft.dev and I highly recommend working with him as a freelance writer.

Karl Hughes

Draft.dev CEO & Founder

“His content is consistent, on-time and working with him has always been enjoyable”

Kasper is a thoughtful technical writer that can bridge the gap between complex developer-topics and easy-to-read prose. His content is consistent, on-time and working with him has always been enjoyable

Nate Lee

Speedscale Co-Founder

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