Image of CEO Kasper Siig

I Know Your Audience, I Am Your Audience.

As a former engineer now working in SEO, I have a unique view of content creation, as I now have experience on both sides of the table

My name is Kasper Siig.

I specialize in technical content that reads like prose. I firmly believe that the foundation of great content are factual statements and proof. However, that’s not enough for high-ranking content.

To rank highly and resonate, you need to write with elegancy, provide value, and keep the reader hooked. Otherwise, they’ll go to your competitor.

Your users are smart, and so are you. Make your content reflect that.

You need content written for humans.

Many who start writing for SEO will look up best practices, understand what search engines like Google are looking for, and twist their content to match what they think search engines want.

That’s not a bad approach, but it’s not sustainable.

This is why I use storytelling in your content, as well as technical points rooted in years of experience.

I went from engineering to marketing.

After I got my degree in computer science, I went directly into the field of DevOps engineering.

I became heavily involved in the software community.

Then, I started writing blog posts professionally.

Later on, this led me to starting my own company.

Now, I can speak directly to your audience, please the Google algorithm, and gain you users.

Continuously breaking boundaries and improving.

When I first started my computer science degree, I was simply following the curriculum. It didn’t take long for me to became fascinated with the possibilities of software, and soon I was ahead of the curriculum.

This trend continued until I graduated.

This period of my life taught me how to teach myself, as well as sparring with others.

I’ve been able to transition into an entirely new field, SEO and content creation, because of this skill.

Now, I use it daily to quickly understand your product and its ideal use cases.

Interested in knowing how I can help your company to drive developer acquisitions?