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Strategize and Conquer

Writing blog posts and copy will get you traffic, but a strategy will drive acquisitions

Ensure quality across all your content.

What’s your strategy for creating content?

Are you looking to create that one viral piece, build a knowledge base, showcase your product?

No matter the strategy, the most important part is consistency.

Consistency is rewarded by Google, and in turn rewarded by your customers.

Consulting Services

Content Strategy

Determining the topics can be a struggle, and how can you be sure to get success from the topics you choose?

The truth is, it’s a balance between knowing what your customers want, and what Google rewards.

What will be determined:

  • Target audience
  • Unique selling points
  • Focus of the strategy
  • Content formats
  • Where you are in your content journey
  • Goals of the strategy
  • Distribution channels
  • 12 blog posts to create

$1500 per strategy

Publishing & Distribution

Determining topics and subsequently getting them created, is just part of the content process.

In the end, you also have to publish the posts on your blog and distribute them to the world.

This can be a tedious task for some, and even be time-consuming.

This service includes:

  • Uploading the blog post to your CMS on the determined date
  • Distribution to the channels determined by the content strategy

$50 per post

Status Report

Creating a content strategy is the best way to ensure high returns from your efforts.

However, are you verifying your efforts after the fact?

It’s important to check whether your content is performing as expected.

This service includes:

  • Gathering metrics
  • Analyzing metrics
  • Visualize metrics
  • Create a detailed status report

$500 per report

SEO Audit

You’re creating the best content, yet you’re still not generating revenue.

If nobody is visiting your site, nobody is signing up.

An SEO audit will be able to determine if there are technical factors, like bad schemas or bad markup, preventing your site from ranking highly, as well as other improvements to be made.

An incomplete list of what a technical SEO audit entails:

  • Analysis of metrics provided by tools
  • Backlink profile
  • Website speed
  • Compliance with SEO best practices
  • Internal linking
  • Site structure

$1000 per audit

Don’t focus on the wrong metrics.

Most people who start producing content will look at one key metric: traffic.

While traffic is a good measure of how popular your website is, it doesn’t say anything about how well your business is doing.

Ultimately, the most important thing for you as a business is revenue.

As such, a successful content strategy is one that brings in revenue.

Then how do you bring revenue?

First, you need to shift away from trying to craft the perfect blog post.

A single blog post won’t bring you the most amount of revenue.

You need a proper strategy, one that reaches all parts of your customer’s journey.

From when they need useful information, to being aware that your product solves their problem, and in the end signing up.

Ready to conquer your niche?