Some of my best performing blog posts!

Top 5 Kubernetes Load-Testing Tools and How They Compare

This post was the second ever blog post I wrote professionally, through an agency. A year later, the client reached out to me directly as it was one of their best performing posts. To this day, it still reaches the top of Google.

Kubernetes Clusters: Everything You Need To Know

With my extensive knowledge of the Kubernetes ecosystem, I was tasked with writing this blog post, giving a high-level overview of the Kubernetes clusters.

It now ranks on the first page of Google, only beat by,, and

Using Autotools to Configure, Make, and Install a Program

Having previously only used Make in a makeshift capacity, this post was a challenge for me to write, and took a lot of research.

In the end, the post got produced and now ranks at the top for “using autotools”.

Advantages of Using a Mock API to Accelerate Development

The client tasked me with writing a post detailing the best reasons for mocking an API, once again a topic I previously knew nothing about.

I took on the task and dived into my research. Today, it ranks at the top of Google.

Considerations When You Mock APIs Inside of Kubernetes

Another post on the topics of mocking APIs, this time inside Kubernetes.

This time I was already armed with the needed knowledge, and I was able to create a post that jumped to the top positions of Google within a few weeks.